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Monday, May 29, 2006

ideal weight: three women with inspiring weight-loss stories [3]

CATINA BRADLEY 32, Grad student
How she did it: A purpose-driven diet
Height 5'6"
Before: 180
After: 130
Weight lost: 50 pounds

Catina's Story

Between working 50-hour weeks and taking two or three classes per semester for more than three years, Ph.D. candidate Catina Bradley had a full plate. 'I would get home late at night and just eat," she says. "But I wasn't paying attention to the fact that I was eating a whole pizza by myself."

After too many of those late-night sessions and not enough physical activity, Catina found she couldn't fit into most of the clothes she owned anymore. Then her doctor called her attention to another, more serious problem: In addition to all the weight she'd gained, Catina had a family history of diabetes and hypertension.

In 2003, aided by a friend who was losing weight for her wedding, she created her own low-carb diet and learned to decrease her portion sizes. She swapped pasta and bread for one salad a day with chicken or deli meat, opted for grilled meat with a green vegetable for dinner, and snacked on leftovers, cereal or small bags of chips. One of her toughest challenges: Giving up her four-cans-of-soda-a-day habit to incorporate more fruit juices and water into her diet.

Fifty pounds lighter almost three years later, Catina now has a school schedule that allows for more time to grocery-shop and plan her meals. She enjoys shopping for new clothes, but most important, she feels empowered: "It wasn't really about the weight loss alone," she says. "I wanted to be healthier. You see heavy people who are at the point where weight loss is a matter of life and death. I wanted to make this change before that happened."

Expert Advice


"Catina's looking at her diet reasonably, and that's a good thing," says Brown-Riggs. A lot of people think that they have to boot certain foods from their fridge entirely, but that's not the way to maintain weight loss, she says. Some tips for Catina as she continues to manage her brand-new lifestyle:

Learn portion control. Figure out what a serving size is for your favorite foods (whether it's french fries or fruit) and stick to it. Another tip: Try eating out of smaller plates.

Watch your sodium intake, Dell meats (which a lot of people think are healthy) and fried foods can actually be very high in sodium. "Instead, get fresh turkey or low-fat cold cuts at the dell," Brown-Riggs says. And make fried foods the exception--not the rule.

Do low-impact exercises regularly, Boyce's top choice: aquatic exercises because they are easy on the joints. Getting outside for some power walking and putting in time on an elliptical trainer are also great ways for Catina to get moving without aggravating an old knee injury she has. "Just stay away from any exercise involving bouncing or jumping," Boyce adds.

Drink water. It should be your primary beverage, says Brown-Riggs. Even juices should always be in limited quantity because they're high in calories. Just four ounces of juice can add up to 60 calories!
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ideal weight: three women with inspiring weight-loss stories [2]

ZENIA NEAL 30 Medical-billing professional
How she did it: From the inside out
Height: 5'3"
Before: 265
After: 180
Weight lost: 85 pounds

Zenia's Story

Smothered chicken, greens, macaroni and cheese, and corn bread. Zenia Neal, a single mom of three, loved southern-style cooking, like many of us. But it didn't love her back. Her poor diet and fondness for fast food, long hours at her job and gestational diabetes resulted in her skyrocketing from a size 6 to a size 20.

At first she was in denial about weighing 265 pounds at just five feet three inches tall, but it started to take an emotional toll. "When I saw pictures of myself, I'd say the camera was adding pounds," she recalls. "I didn't want to believe I was actually that size." Zenia also noticed that she didn't have the energy to play with her children and that she was too lethargic to even leave the house. She turned to diet pills but soon gained back all the weight she'd lost. "I started to hate myself and wouldn't go out because I didn't think anyone would look at me," she admits.

Then a friend recommended a funky fit aerobics class taught by Nettle Reeves. It involved much more than a workout: Her program had a spiritual component that helped establish motivation and self-confidence. "The instructor talked about getting right on the inside as well as the outside and learning how to love yourself," says Zenia, which she knew she wasn't doing.

On the road to a new life, Zenia learned about the Weight Watchers point system and devised a diet that worked for her. She traded soul food for yogurt, drank green tea, switched to baked meats from fried, and snacked on light popcorn or fruit. And when she hit a plateau, she changed her workouts to include water aerobics, cycling and walking. She also increased her exercise time, which ultimately led to additional weight loss. To date, Zenia has lost almost 85 pounds. Of her transformation, she says, "I lost the weight and gained back my confidence."

Expert Advice


"I'm a firm believer in faith-based programs because there is an important connection between physical, mental and spiritual health," nutritionist Brown-Riggs says. The program Zenia has been involved in has not only motivated her to slim down but has also improved her self-confidence and allowed her to look at life in a new way. Some tips to help Zenia in her makeover:

Have it your way. Because she eats out every now and then, it's important that Zenia be mindful of how much she's ingesting, says Brown-Riggs. "If you know a restaurant's portion sizes are large, ask that half of your meal be wrapped to go and the remainder be left on your plate," she suggests. "Or eliminate temptation by asking that dressing or bread be left out of your serving."

Overcome snacking. Eat six small meals a day, rather than three big ones, to cut cravings between meals.

Switch things up. "Every month, change your routine to avoid hitting a plateau," suggests Cliff "Hollywood" Boyce, an Atlanta celebrity lifestyle trainer. Can't tear yourself away from the treadmill? Tackle some hills or increase your speed. Love that spinning class? Add some circuit training at the end of it.

ideal weight: three women with inspiring weight-loss stories [1]

Are you ready to take control of your health, but aren't sure how to start? Try taking a page from the get-fit plans of these three women. Whether you're an overworked single parent, a mom struggling with the baby weight, or simply a sister who can't find time to exercise, their experiences and our expert advice will give you the ideas, information and inspiration you need to create your own success story.

LONICA HUGHES, 26, Administrative assistant
How she did it: Calorie control
Height: 5'9"
Before: 200
After: 155
Weight loss: 45

Lonica's Story

"I don't want to say I let myself go--it just happened," says Lonica Hughes, who believes that being a young mother of two who was dealing with a difficult marriage is what led her weight to creep up from 170 to 200 pounds. When she decided to leave her husband, Lonica came to another realization--that she wanted something more from life. And the first place she chose to start making changes was with her weight.

While watching TV one day at her mother's house, Lonica caught an infomercial about how one mother lost weight with Billy Blanks's kickboxing program. She immediately ordered the DVDs and began using them. Then after seeing the documentary Super Size Me, which chronicles one man's weight gain after a steady diet of fast food, Lonica concluded that she wasn't going to consume any more fast food or sugary sodas.

Instead, Lonica now eats a multigrain cereal with blueberries for breakfast, at least one salad a day, and swears by Healthy Choice and other diet entrees. Though she still drinks coffee with several teaspoons of sugar, and occasionally craves brownies and key lime cheesecake, she watches her daily caloric and fat intake.

To stay in shape, she works out six times a week for about 30 to 45 minutes. Lonica usually exercises when her kids, who are 3 and 2 years old, are napping so she doesn't have to worry about anything but getting her workout on. She's focused on maintaining her weight and having a healthy heart. "I want to be here when my kids see their grandkids," says Lonica, who credits her support system--sister, morn and a couple of close girlfriends--for helping her reach her goals.

Expert Advice


Lonica has made her new fitness regimen fit into her schedule, which Constance Brown-Riggs, R.D., nutritionist and author of Eating Soulfully and Healthfully With Diabetes (iUniverse) commends. Next Lonica would like to start strength training and increase her stamina for running. Whatever the change, it must be sensible, Brown-Riggs says: "It's the only way it will last." Her suggestions:

Get support. Lonica had her family and friends to rally around her, which is ideal when you begin a challenge that will change your life. Whether it's making a workout date with a friend or letting your girlfriends know you need to dine out at a place with healthy alternatives, the road to herideal weight--and keeping off the pounds--is easier with help.

Supplement when necessary. Lonica's commitment to eating multigrain cereals allows her to have a good source of fiber in her diet. Multivitamins are also a wise choice to get whatever your diet's missing.

Be creative. Because Lonica has a thing for chocolate, she may want to try a healthy low-carb chocolate bar or hard chocolate candies to satisfy her craving. Not able to avoid the call of brownies or cheesecake? Allow yourself to indulge one day a week and practice portion control the rest of the time.

strengthening your heart, toning muscle, and helping maintain your ideal weight

In addition to strengthening your heart, toning muscle, and helping maintain your ideal weight, exercise may strengthen your immunity against some colds and viral infections, a new study shows. Researchers at Acadia University in Nova Scotia found that people who lifted weights for at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week, had significantly stronger immune systems than a group of similar individuals who avoided weight training.

Men's Fitness, June-July, 2004

Monday, May 15, 2006

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Home Theater Protection

Ranging from 2 outlets up to 12 outlets, these Home Theater PowerCenters use both Monster's Clean Power technology as well as quality surge protection.
Some of these Home Theater power solutions incorporate a convenient side entry design that can be mounted on a wall or the back of a cabinet. Others are a top entry design that gives easy visibility of open power terminals. Need high end power protection? Component style PowerCenters will sit on a shelf and give the user feedback as to how the power of their system is performing.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Rules of the Roulette Game

At the casino the roulette table is managed by one or more persons - the number of persons depends on in what country you are playing roulette. The number of roulette spins per hour also varies from country to country. You can expect about 30 spins an hour if you are playing in Europe - and up to about 100 spins per hour if you are playing in the US.

There are also other small differences - the number of players around the table can vary a great deal from casino to casino. Some roulette tables have seats - at other tables you will be standing while paying roulette and using your elbows to defend your small spot around the table. Also the number of tables may be different from casino to casino. The American roulette table normally have one table - the European roulette sometimes have two tables with the roulette table in the middle of the tables.

The person handling the roulette on behalf of the casino is called the croupier. He spins the roulette wheel in one direction thereafter he immediately shoots the roulette ball - made of plastic or ivory - in the other direction along the edge of the roulette wheel. Then the ball loses its speed and is about to come to a rest in the bottom of the wheel - where there are boxes with separate numbers the croupier announces: Rien ne va plus - or - No more bets please - if it's an American roulette wheel. Until that moment the players around the roulette wheel have made there bets according to rules that I will explain to you later.

The roulette ball comes to a rest in one of the boxes at the bottom of the roulette and the croupier announces the winning number and the color - red, black or no color - if the winning number is zero or double zero - those two numbers are green.

Finally the bets that did not win are collected by the croupier - and the winners are paid. Then a new game is ready to begin and the players starts placing their bets once again.

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Friday, May 05, 2006


Hong Kong is the best place in the world to sample the dazzling variety of all Asian cuisine.
The diversity of Asian influences in Hong Kong is reflected though the range of fantastic food. Try the spices of Thailand, the rich aromatic flavours of India, the delicacies of Japan and Korea or a whole range of Vietnamese cuisine. The cultures converge in Hong Kong, where it's possible to find every flavour and need, including a wide range of halal cuisine.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Great Family Beach

Sun on your face, breeze at your back, and sand between your toes. We love it here.

Wiere do you go when you want to ake your family on a seaside escape? For a lesser-known paradise, choose Navarre Beach along Florida's northwest Gulf Coast; it's still blessedly undiscovered.

Restful Retreat

Crystal-blue water, pristine white sand, and stretches of undeveloped beach without another soul draw families to this tiny spot between Pensacola Beach and Destin on U.S. 98. Navarre Beach provides the setting for the ultimate secluded getaway.

You'll spot only three restaurants (Barracuda's, Cocodrie's, and Sailor's Grill and Bakery) and two gas stations. Sailor's Bakery boasts sweets, breads, and to-swoon-for cinnamon rolls. As for shopping, just a small boutique and a few watersports-supply stores dot the strip. That's just the way visitors like it. And so do we.

Here's the idea: Rent a condo, stock up on groceries at one of the big supermarkets before crossing the bridge to the beach, and get ready to enjoy a relaxing time. The longer you stay, the less expensive the lodging. Need some help getting started? Surf for properties at

Once you're settled in, make the most of this seaside splendor. Little ones dig around the Gulf of Mexico, catching fish and grabbing sand crabs. Dolphins jump and play, putting on quite a show. Surf-fishers want to hook the pompano, flounder, cobia, king and Spanish mackerel, and white and speckled trout that swim the shores.

Natural Wonders

For a quiet beach experience, rent a canoe or kayak, and tour on your own. Looking down through the water is like paddling over an aquarium. Scuba divers score a real treat with an offshore underwater viewing of the U.S.S. Massachusetts, a vessel that has called the deep sea home since the 1920s. Visit the Eco-Beach Shop for bike ($ 10 a day), surfboard ($25 a day), or double kayak ($25 a day) rentals.

Located on the east end of the beach, Navarre Beach State Park provides another family outing. Amenities include a 1,000-foot-long fishing pier (open 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.), picnic tables, and a boardwalk. A part of Gulf Islands National Seashore, Navarre's 8 miles of pure, undisturbed waterfront are perfect for long walks and quiet treasure hunts. You'll find your own tropical paradise.

by Mckenzie, Jennifer L